This website has been developed specifically to showcase screen shots of our computer-based Predict-A-Win Program (the "PaW Program"), including some of its more important spreadsheet outputs. The primary purpose of this website is to demonstrate that, contrary to some negative content posted online by our competitors in respect of our online soccer predictions services (see, we really do own a formidable piece of software that others just wish they had!

The PaW Program is truly unique, and it fully achieves its purpose of providing good quality soccer predictions data to satisfy the needs of discerning and demanding people (i.e. those who fully understand that, without such data, they will never be able to improve their chances of beating the Bookie).

Currently, our website covers 20 Major Football Divisions in Europe and 3 more in the Americas (MLS and Brazil's top 2 Divisions). Later, as business picks up, we intend to add more Premier Divisions from across the globe. Later still, we intend to launch websites for other team-based sports (since the PaW Program was specifically written is a modularised fashion for that very purpose). So please take a look at the interactive screen shots on the following pages of this website to check out for yourself whether or not you think we have included just about everything that there is to consider when trying to make computerised soccer predictions. And if you have any worthwhile comments, please do not hesitate to let us know, because we will always be pleased to hear of any sound ideas for improvement!

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