About Us

TThe shareholders of BetWare Ltd are the creators and owners of the Predict-A-Win Program (the "PaW Program"). BetWare Ltd is a Hong Kong registered enterprise (Company Registration No. 233035), formed by a group of individuals who were (and still are) passionately interested in finding ways to make better predictions of the outcome of soccer matches.

The BetWare team members have all been together since 01 January 2000 and are currently operating under the direction of an affiliate company in the Philippines called BetWare Marketing and Promotions (DTI No. Certificate No. 03648170). This same team is also responsible for collection of all the weekly match fixtures and associated betting Odds details, and for the maintenance and daily updating of the website. In one form or another, BetWare Ltd has been posting online soccer predictions data, generated by the PaW Program, since 2003.

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